List of Halloween Date Ideas For Fall- Great date ideas to do as a Couple!

Halloween Romance and Date Ideas for Couples

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Halloween activities are a great way for couples to let loose. It’s fun to be playful together or scare each other if that’s more your style.

    • Corn Maze Date Idea-Find one nearby using MazePlay and make it a date. The site even details how to make one of your own.
    • Pumpkin Carving Date Idea-Look together for designs online.  Pumpkin Carving   All you need is a pumpkin. Check out the All about Pumpkins site. The name describes it all. For added fun, do a a small scavenger hunt. See who can find the biggest pumpkin, smallest pumpkin, weird shaped, and weirdest stem. Look together for designs online.  Pumpkin Carving is a good one or Pinterest.
    • Murder Mystery Date Idea- This time of year look locally at a site that has community events. If you prefer to have a party there are murder mystery date kits online.
    • Halloween Clue Hunt Date Idea
    • Halloween Theme Food Date Idea– There are so many great ideas online from dinner to snacks. A few of my favorites: Pumpkin Pie Cinnamon Roll Cookies    Mini caramel apples   Pretzel and cheese broomsticks
    • Haunted Places Date Idea-Visit or make up stories of haunted places close to you. Search by location using this site called Haunt World. Haunt World’s page is busy looking, but if you look at the places listed it will give a skull rating such as scare factor and originality.
    • Scary Movie and Snuggling Date Idea- If you want to make it extra scary watch it on your laptop somewhere creepy. Check out 100 Great Halloween movies for your scary movie date.
    • Costume Party Date Idea- Check your local community sites to see if any thing strikes your interest.
    • Graveyard Picnic Date Idea. You could bring creepy theme food or if you dare, do it late at night.
    • Read or Tell Scary Stories- Try by the fireplace or campfire.
    • Halloween Amusement Park Date Idea – Check your local theme park or glance through this Halloween theme park article.
    • Decorate for Halloween Date Idea. Here, there, and everywhere.
    • Halloween Candy Raid Date Idea-Buy candy at a local candy shop or get bulk at the grocery store.
    • Apple Picking Date Idea- Pick some apples and then come with ideas on how to use them.
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